I have a hard time always working on the same thing, so I try to get involved in interesting side projects. This also allows me to pursue some of my other research interests such as memory, self-awareness, modelling and conservation biology.

Memory - Sara Torres Ortiz et al.

Since my masters project, where we showed that seals and sea lions can remember their own actions, I have had an interest in how animals are aware of what they are doing, and how they remember this. Sara Torres Ortiz is looking into dolphin and parrot memory and I have the privilege of assisting with the design and analysis of these experiments.

Deep neural networks - Christian Bergler et al.

For my PhD I need a lot of analytical tools, especially to analyse the large acoustical datasets. I’m very lucky to collaborate with Christian Bergler and colleagues. They have already developed a cleaning tool and a segmentation tool, and we are working on a deep neural net that can provide a binary mask of the acoustical content in a parrots call and cluster this based on latent features. If you are interested in any of the unpublished tools, don’t hesitate to contact either Christian or me directly. We are always happy to have other people test it and find all the bugs!

Conservation biology - Professor Dalia Amor Conde et al.

My second big passion in the natural sciences is conservation biology. Dr. Dalia Amor Conde has inspired me since I attended her conservation course, and I’m very lucky to have held a position as research assistant in her lab. I’m still working closely with her and her lab to publish some of the work that I did during my time there.

Ciutadella park - Dr. Juan Carlos Senar et al.

From when I just started my PhD, Dr. Juan Carlos Senar has always been there if I had questions about monk parakeets. It is thanks to his amazing effort to tag hundreds of monk parakeets in Barcelona that we have such an amazing dataset of individual repertoires. This is definitely not a side project, but I have to include him as a collaborator!

Vocal mimicry - Dr. Anastasia Krasheninnikova et al.

Dr. Anastasia Krasheninnikova has established an amazing dataset on the vocal mimicry ability across parrot species. I was so lucky to be asked to help with the comparative analysis. We are working on several models to explain the evolution of this ability as well as the quality and number of mimics observed.